Christian MASQUELIER @ LRCS - Amiens
Christian MASQUELIER          @ LRCS - Amiens

PhD Alumnis and ongoing graduate Students




Modeling of Na+ Ion Transport in NASICON Solid Electrolytes

PhD ongoing since October 2022

Supervised with C. FRAYRET (LRCS) and D. CARLIER (ICMCB Bordeaux)

Supported by UPJV Amiens and the Marie Curie DESTINY PhD Cofund Project


Sreelakshmi ANIL KUMAR

Operando / In Situ Diffraction -X-rays or neutrons) in Solid State Batteries

PhD ongoing since October 2022

Supervised with J. N. CHOTARD (LRCS), E. SUARD (ILL) and L. CROGUENNEC (ICMCB Bordeaux)

Supported by ILL Grenoble and the Marie Curie DESTINY PhD Cofund Project



High Power NEgative Electrodes for Na6Ion Batteries

PhD ongoing since October 2022

Supervised with J. N. CHOTARD (LRCS) and P. E. CABELGUEN (UMICORE)

Supported by UMICORE and the Marie Curie DESTINY PhD Cofund Project



Phase Stability of Oxysulfide Solid Electrolytes

PhD ongoing since December 2021 -

Supervised with S. ISLAM (Oxford) and B. MORGAN (Bath)

Supported by Univ. Bath and the Marie Curie DESTINY PhD Cofund Project



Exploration and crystal Chemistry of Sustainable Cathode Materials for Na-Ion Batteries

PhD ongoing since December 2021

Supervised with L. CROGUENNEC (ICMCB Bordeaux) J. OLCHOWKA and L. SIMONIN (CEA Grenoble)

Supported by the CEA and the DESTINY Marie Curie PhD Cofund Project


Duy Linh PHAM

Exploration and crystal chermistry of sustainable inorganic ion conductors for solid state batteries

PhD ongoing since October 2021

Supervised with J.N. CHOTARD (LRCS Amiens) and M.D. BRAIDA (SOLVAY)

Supported by SOLVAY and the DESTINY Marie Curie PhD Cofund Project



Phase stability and crystal chemistry of LMNO high voltage spinels

PhD ongoing since September 2021

Supervised with L. CROGUENNEC (ICMCB Bordeaux), E. SUARD (ILL ) and P. E. CABELGUEN (UMICORE) 

Supported by the UMICORE, ILL and the INNOVAXN Marie Curie PhD Cofund Project



Crystal chemistry of Argyrodite-type ionic conductors

PhD ongoing since January 2021 

Supervised with V. VIALLET (LRCS Amiens) and J. AUVERGNIOT (UMICORE)

Supported by UMICORE



Synthesis, transport properties and solid state batteries using fluorine-type solid electrolytes

PhD ongoing since October 2020 

Supervised with D. DAMBOURNET (PHENIX Laboratory, Paris)

Supported by the RS2E French Network



Synthesis, transport properties and solid state batteries using NASICON-type solid electrolytes

PhD ongoing since November 2020

Supervised with V. SEZNEC (LRCS),  J.N. CHOTARD (LRCS) & P. CANEPA (NUS SInagpore)

Supported by ANR International in collaboration with NUS Singapore


Tatiana RENZI

Operando neutron diffraction of new battery materials and systems

PhD ongoing, Oct. 2015 -

In Collaboration with Dr. L. CROGUENNEC (ICMCB Bordeaux) & Dr. E. SUARD (ILL Grenoble)

Funded by the ILL Grenoble, FRANCE

Previous Graduate Students

20) Sunkyu PARK (Korean)

New positive electrodes of NASICON structure for Na-ion Batteries

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended on July 12th, 2022 

In collaboration with  J.N. CHOTARD, D. CARLIER, L. CROGUENNEC

Supported by TIAMAT (CIFRE Contract)

Researcher / Project Leader at SAMSUNG (Korea)


19) Cédric BARCHA (French)

Stability of anode/ electrolyte interfaces in All-Solid-State-Lithium-Batteries

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended on December 17th, 2021

In Collaboration with R. DEDRYVERE and L. MADEC (Pau), N. DELPUECH (RENAULT), V. SEZNEC (Amiens), C. LETHIEN (Lille) and many colleagues. Supported by a CIFRE ANRT funding

Post-Doc in Université de Montreal, CANADA (Group of M. DOLLE)


18) Theodosios FAMPRIKIS (Greec)

Studies on inorganic solid electrolytes for batteries: focus on Na3PS4

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended November 10th, 2020

In Collaboration with S. ISLAM (Bath), P. CANEPA (Singapore), J.N. CHOTARD (Amiens), J. DAWSON (Bath) and many colleagues. Supported by ALISTORE-ERI

Marie Curie Post-Doc in Delft Technologycal University (Group of Marnix WAGEMAKER)


17) Ulas KUDU (Turkish)

Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Transport Properties of Ionic Conductors within the Li2S - P2S5 Binary System

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended on May 29th 2020

In Collaboration with B. FLEUTOT (UPJV), Elodie SALAGER (CEMHTI Orléans), Theodosios FAMPRIKIS (UPJV) and SOLVAY (CIFRE Contract)

Research Engineer at SOLVAY, FRANCE


16) Long N'GUYEN (Vietnamese)

Crystal Chemistry of Polyanionic Vanadium Fluorinated Oxy-phosphates: From Atomic Local Structure to Electrochemical Performance in Na-ion Batteries

PhD Thesis, Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE, defended on Dec. 12th, 2019

In collaboration with Dr. Laurence CROGUENNEC and Pr. Dany CARLIER (ICMCB Bordeaux), Dr. François FAUTH (ALBA Synchrotron), Dr. Antonella IADECOLA (SOLEIL Synchrotron)

Post-Doc at University of San Diego, USA (Group of Shirley MENG)

CNRS Chargé de Recherche in ICG Montpellier from Sept. 2023


15) Edouard BOIVIN (French)

Investigation of tavorite- and triplite-based positive electrodes for Li batteries

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended Nov. 24th 2017

In collaboration with Dr. Laurence CROGUENNEC (ICMCB Bordeaux) and Dr. J.N. CHOTARD (UPJV)

Funded by French RS2E and Coonseil Regional de Picardie.

Post-Doc at University of Oxford, UK (Group of P. BRUCE) and then in UCCS Lille (Group of O. MENTRE)

Now Associate Professor in Université du Mans, France


14) Yue DENG (Chinese)

Solid Electrolytes for All Solid State Batteries: a combined modelling and experimental study

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended Nov. 18th 2016 -

Funded by ALISTORE ERI, in collaboration with Prof. Saïful ISLAM, Bath, UK and Dr. J. N. CHOTARD (UPJV)

Battery Research Engineer at BASF, Shanghaï, CHINA


13) Fabien LALERE (French)

All Solid State Batteries at high voltage and high temperature

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended Nov. 9th 2015

In collaboration with Dr. V. SEZNEC (UPJV)

Funded by Ministère de la Recherche et de l'Enseignement Supérieur, FRANCE

Post-Doc at Univ. Waterloo, CANADA (Group of L. NAZAR)


12) Mattéo BIANCHINI (Italian)

Development of In Situ diffraction techniques on battery materials

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE, defended, Oct. 23rd, 2015

Funded by ILL Grenoble, in collaboration with Dr. Laurence CROGUENNEC (ICMCB Bordeaux) and Dr. E. SUARD (ILL)

Post-Doc at UC Berkeley, USA (Group of G. CEDER) and KIT Labs (Group of J. JANEK)

Now Full Professor at University of Bayreuth, GERMANY


11) Robin AMISSE (French)

Highly defective LixMyPO4 positive electrodes

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, FRANCE and Univ. Ljubljana, SLOVENIA, Nov. 2014

In Collaboraton with Dr R. DOMINKO (NIC Ljubljana)

Permanent position as Research Engineer at SOLVAY, Paris


10) TAO Liang (Chinese)

Borates et Borophosphates d’éléments de transitions : synthèse et propriétés électrochimiques

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, defended, Nov. 2013

In collabortion and funded by UMICORE

Permanent position as Project Manager, BMW, Munich, GERMANY


9) ATEBA MBA Jean-Marcel (Camerounese)

Cristallochimie et propriétés électrochimiques de fluorophosphates de lithium et d’éléments de transition 

PhD Thesis, Université de Bordeaux 1, Oct. 2013

Pos-Doc, KIT, GERMANY & Post-Doc at NIC Ljubljana, SLOVENIA


8) SIRISOPANAPORN Chutchamon (Thaï)

Crystal Chemistry of Li2MSiO4 (M = Fe, Mn) transition metal silicates and electrochemical properties vs. lithium

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens and Ljubljana (Slovenia), Oct. 2011


Now Research Engineer, UMICORE, BELGIUM


7) HAMELET Stéphane (French)

Synthèses et caractérisations de phosphates Lix(M,M’)yPO4 (avec M/M’ = Fe/Mn) pour accumulateurs à ions lithium 

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, Nov. 2010



6) QUOIRIN Gérard (French)

Synthèse basse température et études spectroscopiques de phosphates et silicates d’éléments de transition

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, Oct. 2007



5) DELACOURT Charles (French)

Synthèse basse température de phosphates de fer et de manganèse : considérations thermodynamiques et études électrochimiques

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, Oct. 2005

CNRS Chargé de Recherche, LRCS, Amiens, FRANCE


4) REALE Priscilla (Italian)

Phosphates de fer hydratés : préparation et propriétés électrochimiques

PhD Thesis, Universiy La Sapienza, Rome, Jan. 2004

Scientist, ENEA, ITALY


3) PATOUX Sébastien (French)

Propriétés structurales et électrochimiques de phosphates d’éléments de transition

PhD Thesis, UPJV Amiens, Oct. 2003

Scientist and head of Division, LITEN, CEA-Grenoble, FRANCE


2) WURM Calin (Romanian)

Nouvelles voies de préparation de phosphates d'éléments de transition pour accumulateurs au lithium

PhD Thesis, Univ. Paris XI Orsay, June 2002

Research Scientist, BOSCH, Germany and now Research Manager at ACC


1) ROUSSE Gwenaelle (French)

Etudes structurales et physicochimiques de spinelles Li1+xMn2-xO4 pour accumulateurs au lithium

PhD Thesis, Univ. Paris XI Orsay, Sept. 2000

Full Professor, Collège de France & UPMC, Paris, FRANCE



May 17, 2023: Kick Off of the LIMASSE Project on Solid State Batteries, a "target" action of the PEPR on Batteries. 


May 10, 2023: Paper on Na3V2(PO4)2(F,O)3 with Chloé PABLOS as first author, accepted in Chem. Mater.


March 21st, 2023: attending the RS2E bi-annual Meeting in Bordeaux, @ICMCB Institute


March 21st, 2023:  Paper on the sodium-rich NASICON cathode Na4MnV(PO4)3, by the great Sunkyu PARK, accepted for publication in Chem. Mater.,


March 15-17 2023: Selection of Class#19 of MESC+ Master Course, in WUT Warsaw, among
> 400 applicants    


March 6-9 2023: Gave a talk at the IBA Conference in Austin, USA, on Argyrodite Solid Electrolytes. Superb organisation by Manthiram and his team.


January 11-13, 2023: Kickoff Meeting for Cohort#2 of DESTINY Marie Curie PhD program. In beautiful Bohinj, SLOVENIA. 


October 13th, 2022: attending the RS2E bi-annual Meeting in Montpellier


October 5th, 2022: Gave a talk at IBA Conference in Slovenia on Na3PS4 Solid Electrolyte


September 26, 2022: Gave a talk at Na-Ion Symposium in Berlin, on NASICON electrodes


September 19, 2022 : Giving a talk on NASICON electrodes at the E-MRS Meeting in Warsaw


July 12 2022 : Sunkyu PARK is now a "Docteur de l'Université de Picardie Jules Verne", Amiens, FRANCE. For his great work on NASICON electrodes for Na Batteries, funded by TIAMAT and ANRT, in strong collaboration with ICMCB Bordeaux and NUS Singapore. Thank you SUNKYU !!


December 29, 2021 : Paper on the structure of Na2V2(PO4)3, solved by Sunkyu PARK, published in Chem. Mater


December 17, 2021 : Cédric BARCHA is now a "Docteur de l'Université de Picardie Jules Verne", Amiens, FRANCE. For his great work on interface stabilities in solid state batteries, in collaboration with RENAULT through a CIFRE funding. Thank you CEDRIC !!


December 14, 2021 Kickoff of the DESTINY PhD Cofund Marie Curie Project (50 PhDs....) in Amiens as a joint event with the ALISTORE bi-annual Meeting


December 2, 2021 : Na2V2(PO4)3 spotted by Ziliang WANG and P. CANEPA'S team (NUS Singapore) through computational methods, published in J. Mater. Chem. A


June 19, 2021 : One more great paper from Theodosios FAMPRIKIS on Na3PS4, accepted in Chem. Mater


June 15, 2021 : First paper from Sunkyu PARK on his PhD work, on NaxFeV(PO4)3, accepted in Chem. Mater.


March 29 & 30, 2021: Oral interviews for the Marie Curie PhD CO-FUND project DESTINY. 29 topics on "batteries" in Europe. 


November 10, 2020: Theodosios FAMPRIKIS is now a "Docteur de l'Université de Picardie Jules Verne", Amiens, FRANCE. For his great work on solid electrolytes, in particular Na3PS4, in collaboration with Prof. S. ISLAM @ Univ. Bath, through an ALISTORE funding.  Thanks you THEO !!


September 24, 2020 : Paper accepted in J. Mater. Chem. A  on Na7V3(P2O7)4, with Vadim KOVRUGIN as main author.


September 14, 2020 : Paper accepted in J. Amer. Chem. Soc. on Na3PS4 and pressure effects on solid electrolytes, with Theodiosios FAMPRIKIS as main author.


August 30, 2020 : Paper accepted in J. Power Sources, a review on Na-Batteries, with Montse CASAS-CABANAS as leader of a great team of contributors.


July 13, 2020 : 30 PhD topics received for the first Pre-Call of the MSCA PhD Cofund project DESTINY. An exciting adventure begins.


June 8, 2020 : Paper accepted in J. Power Sources on Na-containing Antiperovskites, with Ernest AHIAVI and Theo FAMPRIKIS as main contributors.


May 29, 2020 : Omer Ulas KUDU is now a "Docteur de L'Université de Picardie Jules Verne", Amiens, FRANCE. For his great work on solid electrolytes within the Li2S-P2S5 system, in collaboration with SOLVAY.  Thank you ULAS !!


April 1, 2020 : Official start of our Bilateral ANR-NSG, i.e. France-Singapore, project on Na-containing solid electrolytes, with Pieremanuele CANEPA, Stefan ADAMS and Tony CHEETHAM as collaborators from NUS, Jean-Noël CHOTARD, Vincent SEZNEC and Christine FRAYRET as co-workers from LRCS.


February 3, 2020 : The EU informs me that they accepted our 8 Million Euros Marie Curie COFUND project, DESTINY. 50 PhD projects to be granted to talented students witin the frames of the ALISTORE Network and the BATTERY 2030+ Initiative. 


February 6 & 7, 2020 : The National Committee on Materials Science (CNU, Section 33) gathers in Montpellier to examine the files of candidates for "Qualifications" for Assistant-Professor and Full Professor positions in France.  


January 8, 2020 : Congrats to Theodosios FAMPRIKIS, recipient of the Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award from ICDD. 


December 12, 2019 : Long NGUYEN defended his PhD Thesis in Université de Bordeaux, FRANCE. Wonderful work. He will join Prof. Shirley MENG's group in UCSD, as a PDRA, starting March 2010. 


December 10-11, 2019 : The 27th ALISTORE ERI Meeting was held in Barcelona, hosted by M.R. PALACIN. A special tribute to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given by Mike THACKERAY. 


November 21, 2019 : Mathieu MORCRETTE, the head of LRCS, receives the "Médaille de Cristal" of the CNRS, a prestigious recognition for his achievements in Amiens


October 30, 2019 : The Crystal structure of a new polymorph of Na3PS4, discovered by Theo FAMPRIKIS, is published in ACS Materials Letters.


October 15-17, 2019 :  Around 120 people gather in Amiens for the RS2E Meeting. Lots of excellent science on many fronts of advanced battery and supercapacitor research.


Sept. 26, 2019 : Submission of the DESTINY project under the Marie Curie COFUND Scheme : 40 partners from 12 countries, 50 PhD thesis to be funded.... Results in February 2020 !!


June 19-20, 2019 : 28th Meeting of the ALISTORE-ERI in Vitoria (SPAIN) in the premises of our Partner CIC-Energigune


March 25-27, 2019 : Meeting of the MESC+ Consortium in Toulouse, FRANCE, to select 20 students for EMJMD Scholarships, among many applicants (>250).


March 19-20, 2019 : Bi-annual Meeting of the RS2E Network, Lille, FRANCE.


March 4-8, 2019 : IBA International Meeting in UCSD, La Jolla, USA. Organized by Prof. Shirley MENG


October 17-18, 2018 :  RS2E bi-annual Meeting (120 participants) in ICG Montpellier


October 1st, 2018 :  Ulas KUDU's review paper on Li2S-P2S Solid Electrolytes accepted in J. Power Sources 


September 27th, 2018 : Big proposal submitted for the Marie Curie COFUND action; DESTINY gathers 40 european partners for 53 PhD thesis proposed.


July 26th, 2018 : Fan CHEN's first paper accepted in SMALL Methods, on Na4MnV(PO4)3


July 24th, 2018 : Thibaut BROUX's paper accepted in SMALL Methods, on high rate Na3V2(PO4)2F3


June 26th, 2018 : MESC+ is granted as an EMJMD ERASMUS MUNDUS Master Course for 5 more years, with partners in Spain, Slovenia, Poland, France, USA and Australia


April 25th, 2018: Attending the 34th PSI Electrochemical Symposium in Villigen, SWITZERLAND. Talk on operando investigations of Li and Na battery materials.


April 24th 2018: Mattéo BIANCHINI's paper accepted in J. Mater Chem. A. on Na+ - Ag+ ion exchange in Na3V2(PO4)2F3 


Jan. 19th, 2018: Simon MALIFARGE defends his PhD Thesis in UPJV Amiens


Dec. 12th, 2017: ALISTORE Meeting in Amiens, FRANCE. New Direction elected with P. JOHANSSON, R. DOMINKO and myself as Directors. Thanks A LOT to R. PALACIN and P. SIMON for their leadership during the previous term.


Dec. 11th, 2017: Thibault BROUX's paper accepted in Chem. Mater. on transpot properties of Na3V2(PO4)2F3


Nov. 29th, 2017: Attending the 4th International Na-ion Battery Conference in Tokyo, JAPAN. 


Nov. 24th, 2017: Edouard BOIVIN defends hs PhD thesis in UPJV Amiens


Sept. 28th, 2017: Application for a COFUND Programme (Marie Curie Action)


May 30th, 2017: Attending the 8th ICE Conference in Nagoya, JAPAN 


February 15th, 2017: New Application of MESC Consortium for ERASMUS + EMJMD.


February 5th, 2017: the LRCS moves to its new building, the HUB of the RS2E French Network on Electrochemical Energy Storage.


February 5th, 2017: Paper #2 of Thibault BROUX, on VIV disproportionation in NVPF upon charge, accepted in ACS J. Phys. Chem. C


February 1st, 2017: Paper #2 of Yue DENG, on mixed anion effect in solid electrolytes, accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces


October 24th, 2016 : Paper #2 of Edouard BOIVIN, on LiVPO4(F,O) accepted in J. Phys. Chem. C.


October 6th, 2016 : Paper #1 of Thibault BROUX on Na3V2(PO4)2F3 accepted in Chem. Mater.


October 5th, 2016 : The Nobel Prize for Chesmistry is attributed to Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE from Strasbourg.


June 28-29, 2016 : ERAMUS + Meeting in Brussels on "Mastering Joint Excellence under ERASMUS MUNDUS" 


June 14-18, 2016 : IMLB 2016 in Chicago, 1800 attendees......


April 12-15, 2016 : Proposals Subcommittees and Scientific Council at ILL, Grenoble, FRANCE


March. 22, 2016 : Talk at IBA Conference, Nantes, France


Feb. 18, 2016 : Application of M.E.S.C. for ERASMUS + re-accreditation ......


Dec. 5, 2015 : Interview of Mathieu MORCRETTE, Director of LRCS, in "Agir en Picardie".



Nov. 23-25, 2015 :CNRS-sponsored ANF Chimie du Solide, organized in Caen, France.


Nov. 9, 2015 : PhD Defense of Fabien LALERE in UPJV Amiens 


Oct. 23, 2015 : PhD Defense of Matteo BIANCHINI in UPJV Amiens 


Sept. 15, 2015 : Graduation Ceremony in Amiens of Class#10 of M.E.S.C. Master Course.


Sept. 2, 2015 : invited Talk at European Conference on Neutron Scattering, Zaragoza, Spain


August 7, 2015 : New Crystal Structure of Na3V2(PO4)3 published in Chem. Mater.


July 1, 2015 : Yue DENG's first paper on Li4SiO4-Li3PO4 is published in JACS.


July 1, 2015 : Invited talk at ICMAT Singapore on highly defective LiFePO4 powders.


June 16, 2015 : Fabien LALERE gives a talk in SSI Conference, Keyston, USA


June 4, 2015 : Matteo BIANCHINI is the ECS Battery Student Award winner for 2015


June 1, 2015 : Robin AMISSE's paper on highly defective LiFePO4 accepted in Chemistry of Materials 


Nov 24, 2014 : the www site is launched. There is in particular a very convenient Job section.


July 23, 2014 : Visit the www site of Nature related to CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, MILESTONES


July 11, 2014 : HDR Defense of Joël GAUBICHER, IMN Nantes, France


June 15-18 : EPDIC Conference in Aarhus, Denmark.


June 7-12, 2014 : IMLB conference, Como, Italy


May 6, 2014 : Comité de Sélection, Poste 33MCF0269, Amiens


April 16th, 2014 : Conseil Académique à l'UPJV Amiens.


April 2-4, 2014 : Power our Future at CIC Energigune, SPAIN


March 18 & 19, 2014 : ILL Subcommittees for experiments, Grenoble, FRANCE 


March 3-7, 2014 : IBA Meeting in Brisbane, Australia


Feb. 24-25, 2014 : Meeting of the French RS2E in Lyon, FRANCE.


Feb. 11-13, 2014 : Meeting of the MESC Consortium in Marseille for the Selection of CLass#11 (2014-2016)


February 7, 2014 : All Solid State Battery Meeting of the RS2E.


February 7, 2014 : Na-ion Group Meeting of the RS2E


January 24, 2014 : Li-Ion Group Meeting of the RS2E in Collège de France, Paris


January  23, 2014 : Prof. J.M. TARASCON gives his Inaugural Lecture at College de France, Paris

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